No One Will Have A Better Backyard BBQ That This Smart Guy. What He Builds In His Yard Is Incredible

As the hot days are coming with the summer your wish for some cool party at your backyard is come out. If you want to be unique like this guy than probably you should try to make some bowling platform into your backyard.. Yes you read right this guy did super cool homemade bowling space in his yard.
A backyard bowling alley! Definitely, this might be the coolest backyard DIY I have ever seen. Not so easy but anyhow the results are stunning. Enjoy!

Backyard Space

Obviously one needs a long space in their backyard for a bowling lane.


Gutter ball

This backyard bowling alley is even equipped with gutter lanes.


Intense Planning

In case you would like to make it here is the plan


One Step Further

As if his hand-drawn plans weren’t enough, he created a 3-D computer-drawn image of his plan. This guy means serious bowling business!


The beginning work of “in theory” pully pin reset system.


No manual re-racking for this backyard!


It looks fantastic at night


Full View

What a cool idea! I think we know where all his neighbors will be this summer!

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