Quick 5-Minutes Makeup Routine for Students

Student life is exciting in every aspect. The professors, the school works and activities never end, which often result in sleepless nights and acne breakouts. To hide the eyebugs and acne, a student often turns to beauty products and cosmetics for help. One of the best tips for a student would be buying versatile beauty products like a Shu Uemura and making the most out of the little free time she has in a day. In our 5 minuter makeup routine- post, you can find creative tips how to do that easily.

Being a student is both exciting and hectic at the same time. With pressure coming from all sides, a student must be quick and agile in her daily tasks, while maintaining a fresh look throughout the day. Students would often dream of pulling off the latest style or fashion, but with uniform compliance and all the other tasks for school, it’s often not possible.

You don’t need to wear a heavy makeup in school. You will be able to show your natural beauty with the light makeup on. Some schools have rules with regard to the wearing of makeup and light natural makeup is most preferred by school authorities. Aside from rules and regulations, the student is often left with the difficult task of pulling off a look at minimal cost or budget.

5-Minutes Makeup Routine

If you’re a student who is always in a hurry, here are a few tips for creating your own quick 5-minute makeup routine:

  • Base

Use a base that’s light and quick-to-apply like a BB cream (for light to medium coverage) or CC cream (for light coverage). The advantage of using BB cream is that you only need to spend less and most BB cream bottles last for an entire year. Instead of using foundation that takes more time to apply, you only need a minute or less to apply BB cream to your face.

  • Dual Purpose Products

Use a beauty product that’s dual-purpose like a lip and cheek tint. A dual-purpose beauty product saves you both time and money. This is a must-have in your bag. On choosing a color, opt for a reddish tint since you can easily control how much product you apply on your face and lips. In order to do that, you can swipe your tint on your ring finger then gently apply on your lips and then your cheek. With its easy application, you don’t need a lot of time. This process should only take you less than one minute.

  • Brow Pencil

Use a brow pencil instead of a brow brush and powder. A pencil allows you to be quick in applying color to your brows. As an added tip, you should only pluck the outer hair of your eyebrows and not try to thin it in anyway so that you can be quick in doing your brow makeup. You should only take less than a minute on your brows. You will have plenty of time to obsess on your brows after graduation.

  • Powder

Set with powder. There are four kinds of powder: mineral powder, translucent loose powder, colored loose powder and pressed powder. Each has their own use, but the most common are the pressed powder and loose powder either translucent or colored. With the translucent loose powder when used on top the BB cream, it doesn’t change the color of your skin. This is also the safest to use and doesn’t add up on the coverage. With the colored loose powder corrects the tone, redness and brightens the face. Pressed powder could contain binders that slightly adds more coverage than loose powder and gives a more polished look to the skin. Now it’s your choice on what kind of setting powder you prefer. Putting on powder shouldn’t take any more than a minute.

You have a minute left, which is time you can use for one last glance in the mirror to check your reflection and your makeup. Take the time to make sure that your cosmetics are proportional and cleanly-drawn before leaving the house. More than looking your best, you should look clean and presentable to your peers and professors.

The best thing about only having 4 products on your makeup arsenal is that you can easily carry it around in your school bag for quick retouches on your snack breaks. You have not only bought cosmetic products with many purposes, but you have also saved money on buying products every student may not always have the time to use.

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