See How To Turn Your White Mug Into Something Unique, Amazing Artistic Makeover With Nail Polish That You’ll Love

If you wish at this cold weather to drink tea from unique mug or to put your pens in office on your personal unique craft, then we suggest you make your own cup of tea in different colors.
All you need is a little time, creativity and a few basic things to complete your project.

To create your unique creation you will need a white, ceramic cup for tea, nail polish the color is your choice, toothpicks, bowl with hot water and towels.Untitled


First Place warm water in a plastic container and then pour the nail polish in the water.
If you want a monochromatic creation then after spilling the nail polish into the water immediately place the bottom part of your ceramic mug in that mix. Try after placing the mug in the water, quickly to put the mug in the mixture to get a beautiful design and avoid drying of the nail polish.

If you have decided to design with two or three colors, then after you spill the nail polish with one color in the water, pour the second one with a different color and use a toothpick to make a design on your own.
After doing all this steps, slowly with a napkin-tap on parts of the cup to remove excess layers of nail polish from your mug. Then leave it to dry for two to three hours. Once the process is finished, you need to remember do not to put the unique designed mug in the microwave and wash with hands not in dishwasher in order not to damage your design.

This process takes little time but it can be a perfect New Years gift or simply your own personal creation that will be a favorite these cold days.

For The entire process of creating these unique mugs for tea Watch the video:


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