The Revival of Military-Inspired Fashion for Women

For a long time it has been an assumption of popular culture that men in uniform are irresistible to women. Yet the reverse is just as legitimate. Army-inspired style is taking hold in fashion houses across the globe. Beyoncé sings of girls ruling the world, and following in quick step we see the army attire on the catwalks and red carpets, with Cara Delevingne and Rihanna leading the way in khaki and navy blues. Military attire does not have to be smart nor intimidating, but instead can head towards the ‘cadets-at-ease’ aesthetic.


The effortless way in which these ladies are flaunting the camouflage (oddly enough, they want to be seen), is something to aspire to. Cara does this look particularly well, better than anyone in fact.

A khaki onesie or dungarees with a pair of Doc Martens are perfect for navigating through the urban sprawl, along with a green washed out army-inspired jacket, some old jeans and wellington boots for the festival season.

The last time military attire was in vogue was way back in the 90’s, coinciding with Girl Power and the fab five strutting through military drills in the film Spice World. Ginger and the gang showed us then that there is nothing hotter than a confident woman. It seems that the men who are turned off by this, are simply the wrong sort of men.

Vintage military watches, like all the best watches, have never gone out of fashion. Regrettably though, until now, the possession of such watches was predominantly limited to father and sons, and the occasional favorite nephew. This is no longer the case. A Rolex with large hands, a fully graduated bezel, and a sturdy strap make for the perfect accessory to a slinky but combative outfit. Take a look at for some options for vintage military watches.

So let’s have a look at how to put together the most flawless military composition. With the ingenious dexterity that they are renowned for, top designers have been able to weave fabulous shirts, shorts and even cocktail dresses inspired by the military trend. Don’t doubt that an outfit can be both militant and modish – a juniper shirt with gilded shoulder straps tucked into a pine-colored or grey pencil skirt with stiletto pumps will have any adversary reaching for the white flag.

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