13 Smart Life-Changing Fridge and Freezer Hacks That Will Impress You

Probably the most visited place in the kitchen is your fridge and freezer by the way this is the center of the kitchen where all the ingredients are. . Weird unidentified foodstuffs can lay in dark corners of the refrigerator sometimes for years if you don’t take control! Knowledge is power and if you are sick of the ongoing battle to finding the best way to store your food then read through these refrigerator hacks! Organizing all the things that are related with the fridge and freezer could be easy task if you follow these super smart hacks below. Enjoy!

1.Reduce waste by putting expiring food in an “Eat Me First” box.

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2.Stand upside down condiment bottles in an egg carton

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3.Cover your refrigerator shelves with plastic wrap for easy spill cleanup.

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4.Glue magnets to the bottom of containers so they stick to the sides of your fridge

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5.Use magazine holders to create freezer shelves

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6.Keep things within reach with a Lazy Susan

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7.Get neat, easy access to fruit by placing a basket in your crisper drawer.

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8.If you have a chest freezer, organize items in reusable fabric shopping bags so you can pull things out easily.

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9.Create a kid-friendly snack zone that’s easily accessible

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10.Revamp your fridge with chalkboard paint and stay organized with a written weekly menu.

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11.Organize items into food groups with dollar-store baskets

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12.Decrease visual clutter by transferring condiments to matching squeeze bottles.

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13.Make more room in a freezer by clipping opened bags underneath a shelf.

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