Tips on Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Exquisite homes are usually those with well-designed interiors and exteriors. You may not have guessed it yet, but did you know that you can instantly turn your home into an exquisite abode with simple additions like accents, furniture, ornament and carpets? A simple space can easily be spiced up by having it all carpeted.

Having carpets installed adds a taint of elegance in any given location. However, failure to maintain carpets will give you the opposite. Dirty carpets will instantly make your place look trashy and the worst part of it is having foul odor emitted from it.

Carpet cleaning is essential to making sure you get the atmosphere you want. Plus, carpet replacements and professional cleaning services can cost you an arm and a leg if done often. To prevent this from happening, you can do the following carpet cleaning tips to prolong your carpet life and lessen the need for more costly cleaning solutions.

Carpet Cleaning

Invest on High Quality Mats

If you have carpeted floors, investing on rugs and mats can cut the amount of work you need for cleaning. By having these placed in front of your doorsteps, you can easily prevent grime and dirt from getting into your place. This will then require minimal maintenance for your carpets.

Adopt a Shoe-Free Practice

We all know that shoes are carriers of dirt, chemicals and bacteria. Since we use shoes to traverse roads filled with harmful entities, it is only right that we adopt a practice of removing shoes when walking around the carpeted areas.

Just imagine leaving all the dirt, bacteria and other sediments in the carpet where your kids play and lie in. It would be a breeding ground for disease causing bacteria and viruses. So to make sure you keep your place free from those risks, having a no-shoes policy is essential.

Invest on Reliable and Efficient Vacuum Cleaners

Since technology paved the way to easier and more efficient cleaning, investing on a dependable and effective vacuum cleaner is recommended. Since dirt, dust and bacteria can accumulate in just a short period of time, regular vacuum cleaning is needed. This is emphasized especially in carpeted areas with high traffic.

A lot of effective vacuum models are made available in stores and online shops. You can choose among different models with enhanced features to get the type of cleaning you need for your carpet.

Regular Cleaning and Replacing of Air Filters

If your place is equipped with HVAC systems, it is vital to commit to a regular cleaning and replacing routine for those air filters. While it is true that air filters captures dust particles, having an air filter that is piled up with dust can do more damage than good. It is recommended that air filters be cleaned every ninety days and replaced every sixty days especially in households or in areas that are housing pets.

Address Stains Immediately

Carpets do not look good with stains. A simple drip can stain your carpet and set in over time. It is important that these stains are addressed or removed immediately as these tend to set in and become harder to remove when left untreated for a long time.

There are a lot of carpet cleaners that you can check here  A lot of them have been proven to work well in removing carpet stains. After all, carpets stained with mud, food spills, grease, bodily fluids and wastes are eye sores and can be irritating to look at.

Get Professional Help as Necessary

Since regular cleaning and maintenance can keep your carpets looking and smelling good, you should still consider getting professional help. Only professional carpet cleaning services can get rid of dirt, stains, dust and bacteria that are set down to the deepest part of the carpet.

Do not worry about the cost as professional and deep cleaning can be done at least once in a year. This serves as a good investment not only for your place’s aesthetics but also to the overall health of everyone staying in the area.


Carpets can turn the simplest spaces into wonders, but with all the benefits one gets from it comes a fair amount of responsibility too. Carpet cleaning is not a walk in the park, but it can be manageable with regular cleaning and maintenance.

All the tips mentioned above can easily be done with the right amount of motivation and effort. Clean carpets give make the best accents and contribute to a healthy surrounding. So make sure to keep those pointers by heart and invest on the right tools and equipment to get you clean carpets all-year-round.

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