Top 3 Questions Your Garage Door Repair Professional Will Ask: How To Prepare

The garage door is acting up and you don’t know what to do. Your first instinct: Call the repair company. Professional repair crews can arrive on location and completely repair or replace your garage door. If you have a new garage door, you’ll need minor repairs because parts are easy to source. If you have an older garage door, you might need to bring it up to the latest standards. In the meantime, the only thing you can do is basic maintenance such as tightening all the bolts, greasing the moving parts and cleaning the area.

The most basic maintenance can be carried out in DYI fashion without professional help. However, once the door is broken or unresponsive and you don’t know what to do you shouldn’t attempt to carry out more complex repairs. Garage doors are known to kill people! There are over 17,000 garage door related accidents in the US each year. To stay on the safe side and not harm yourself or your loved ones, hire a professional repair crew. Assuming you’ve picked a company with a good reputation and prices in your area, you should prepare to answer certain questions. The following are the top 3 questions that a professional repair company such as will ask over the phone:

Question #1: Why Do You Need A Repair?

This one is obvious. The repair people want to know why you need a repair, i.e. what the problem is. Is your opener remote not responding? Is the door opening and closing partially? Is the opener running but the door is still not opening? They have to know what the problem is. Figure this one out and call.

Question #2: What Are The Necessary Repairs?

If you don’t know this you can only tell them what the problem is, because they will be able to figure it out at a quick glance upon meeting. However, if you know the extent of the job you should convey it to them over the phone. This way they can arrive on location prepared. Example: Easy jobs might require lubricating the tracks and springs, tightening loose parts and cleaning. Complex jobs might involve power-supply related issues and might require fixing the power supply lines which affect the opener.

Question #3: What Kind Of Garage Opener Is It?

The repair company wants to know what they’re dealing with in order to bring the necessary hardware. You should know what type of opener the garage has. Most garages in the US have a standard extension garage gate which is an easy and straightforward fix. Once the repairmen figure out what went wrong with the mechanics they can easily fix it.

Moreover, if your garage door uses a torsion spring this is a much more complex and dangerous fix. The torsion spring is always under heavy pressure and a single wrong move would produce enough strength to kill a person. Make sure you hire a professional to have a look in person if you have a garage door that uses a torsion spring.

How To Prepare The Garage Door For Repair

If you have repairmen on the way, you can do basic work to prepare the garage door. Start by pulling the red string on the side of the door which will allow you to operate the door manually. Once that’s done, look around to spot any loose hardware and make sure everything is in order. The springs should be hooked on an adequate place. Finally, make sure you do regular yearly maintenance on the door and clean and lubricate the parts which produce noise or give resistance.

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