Where Men’s Jewellery Fashion is Headed in the Next Five Years

Gone are the days when men kept it minimalistic where jewellery is concerned. Men’s jewellery has come a long way since then. Now men are changing their approach to jewellery and are opting for styles that go with their personalities.

The modern man wants much more than jewellery, he wants adornments that set their signature style on fire. The modern man’s approach to jewellery is more defined in terms of what he would like to wear as his every day wear and what he would wear on occasions depending on his outfit.

Dating back to pre-historic times when African men would adorn everything from skeletons around their necks to shells in their ears. Men’s jewellery started taking the front stage from the 17th century onwards when they started experimenting with types of metals and precious stones. Ever since then there’s no stopping them.

From the 17th century to the industrial revolution and now the modern times, there has been a smooth transition in men’s jewellery and today you see them wearing diamond studs to ruby cufflinks and gold or platinum bracelets and fancy rings.

The market for men’s jewellery today in Italy alone is 9.2 billion euros! In India according to PGI’s Retail Trade Barometer, the market for men’s jewellery is 53% with platinum chains and bracelets taking the lead. That’s why retailers are pushing men’s jewellery more than ever before. It’s fast becoming a natural progression of life.

Gold bracelets for men and gold chain designs for men are trending in the men’s fashion jewellery category as well today and men from all classes are digging them. They make excellent accessories for men who know how to carry them off with flamboyance.

Men’s jewellery market will only grow further in the next five years and we at Rockrush have the latest and the best collection that will simply blow your mind! We believe in minimalism and so we have the choicest of collection that will tantalize your style buds. Feel free to select from a wide range of men’s jewellery collection curated especially for you.

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