Baby Powder Works In Garden For A Strange Reason! And Another 5 Surprising Uses

Every mom has this amazing product. The general use of the baby powder is well known for all of us but this cheap but very useful product can have another very helpful uses that you probably never heard of.
We always want to keep you update with a fresh a new ideas and helpful tips and now once again we want to share some ideas how baby powder can be useful in other ways. Keep reading below and enjoy!

via Flickr/Austin Kirk

Remove Grease Stains

Yes this amazing product would help you to keep your favorite clothes looking new by removing grease stains. The use is very simple just before you toss your dirty cloth into the wash use baby powder to soak up the grease. Rub the baby powder into the stain really well. Repeat until you see that all of the grease has been removed and then just wash as usual.


Loosen Up Playing Cards

This is an age-old trick that makes your cards much easier to handle and keeps them from sticking together. Simply just add a baby powder onto your playing cards and you are done.

Protect Your Flower Bulbs

New flower bulbs needs attention. So you just need to dust each of them with baby powder before you plant them.
Here is how to do this: just put about five or six bulbs into a Ziploc bag with about 3 tablespoons of baby powder. The effect? Baby powder will coat the roots of the bulb, protecting it from rot and it wards off voles, grubs, moles, and other rodents that may be eating your bulbs before they have a chance to grow.

Thicker Eyelashes

The tricks is before you apply mascara to put just a tiny bit of baby powder on your lashes. So now you will have the right effect of your new mascara.

Get Rid Of Ants

Nobody like to see ants at home but we have to admit that they are all around us and everyone is looking for a smart solution to get rid of them. If you do not want chemicals that the baby powder is cooler solution for you.
Just sprinkle a bit around your window panes, in the cracks on your floors, or even around your picnic blanket. The ants can’t cross the powder so you’ll be safe from those little pests as long as you are inside the baby powder line.


Untangle Necklace Knots

It is easy to knot the necklace chains but much more harder to untangle them. Once more the simply tricks is to use baby powder just sprinkle baby powder and it will be much easier to untangle the necklace knots.


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