Debunking Popular Rumors About Botox

In recent years, Botox has become a household name, as we hear more and more about it. It’s not uncommon to read some celebrity gossip or watch the news to hear about Botox, how some famous actor was recently treated and another’s treatment was horribly botched.

So, Botox is now a very popular name for a very popular cosmetic treatment, and yet, most of the things people know about it aren’t always true. In fact, some are just downright wrong, which doesn’t help the compound in any way, as these false rumors tend to paint Botox in a bad light. And yet, what’s so great about Botox in New York clinics’ favorite anti-aging treatment, that despite all the negative press that it used to get and still does to some extent, it still manages to be a staple of any modern cosmetic clinic.

Let’s look at some of these rumors which the staff at Manhattan’s MiracleFace MedSpa helped us debunk and get to the bottom of.

  1. It’s Really Dangerous

Let me preface this rumor debunking by saying that literally, anything can be dangerous. Sure, the compound used in Botox, the botulinum toxin as it’s known in the scientific world, is quite dangerous, of course. But the danger doesn’t just come with the compound, it comes with how it’s used.

If someone carelessly plays around with the toxin, not knowing how to properly work with it, obviously they’re going to get themselves into some trouble. But for a clinic specialist, who’s studied and trained for years just to be considered for qualification, there’s nothing to play around with. Just like a construction worker operating dangerous machinery, as long as the surgeon is capable and has the right knowledge and experience working with Botox, there’s pretty much nothing to fear.

Qualifying to perform Botox takes a lot of work; it’s not just something you pick up on the way to the store. And even if you’re still not convinced, simply look up the statistics for yourself and see how many people were hurt by Botox in the past decades. The number is going to be nowhere near as high as you probably think.

  1. It Makes the Face Look Plastic

Yes, I am aware of the viral images flowing through the internet, of some unfortunate actor’s or model’s face which is all puffed up and looks like a plastic doll.

While these things do happen, you need to consider the following if you’re worried about looking like them. The people in these photos clearly did something very wrong. It could either be the fault of their surgeon or their own.

Mistakes can happen anywhere and at any time, so perhaps this puffing up was the result of a botched treatment. While they are rare, they do happen, but they’re nowhere near as bad as you might believe. Generally, they’re easy to fix for the experienced professional, so even in the absolute rare case of a botched treatment happening, you don’t have to worry about having to look like that for very long.

Another reason why some people tend to look puffed up after a treatment has to do with the amount they get treated with. Some people just go completely overboard and either ask for too much Botox or go for treatments too often without proper intervals in between.

Chances are, you won’t get that plastic look. You would either need to go through a botched treatment, which rarely happens, or you’d have to go for far too many treatments than are advised.

  1. Looking Good Naturally

Speaking of the whole plastic face and puffed up skin fear, you might also have the wrong idea, that Botox will be obvious to tell apart and anyone around you can tell that you’ve been through a treatment.

This is absolutely not the case. Modern Botox compounds have been engineered and are used in such a manner, that they are able to produce some of the most natural results in the industry. Gone are the days of spotting Botox from the other side of the TV or at parties.

Nowadays, Botox looks natural, as the improvements it makes are clear, but they are also subtle in many ways, which makes it so much more effective at not looking artificial. Considering that safety concerns are a thing of the past thanks to the improved technology and technique, clinics can now focus more on how natural the results look and how effective the procedure is.

  1. The Procedure is Pretty Quick

You might see the results of a Botox treatment and think to yourself that the procedure is probably going to be some complicated combination of a bunch of different steps and techniques and whatnot, which take hours to get through and are super painful.

Wrong again. Botox is just a matter of a few injections, which are administered to key locations of the face. The injections themselves are quite small, but no one wants to feel needles going into their face, no matter the size.

So, the clinic offers special numbing cream, which is applied to the face and keeps any negative sensations from bothering you during the procedure. Most clients report feeling no pain and only some weird tugging and pulling on the skin.

  1. It’s Super Expensive and Hard to Find

This could have been true a decade or two ago when Botox was still starting out in the commercial market. But modern-day clinics offer Botox for a very reasonable price.

Take MiracleFace MedSpa as an example; their Botox NYC treatment plan offers all the benefits of a procedure performed by top-tier professionals who utilize the most advanced techniques and technology, but for a reasonable price that won’t take too much out of your budget.

Sure, it’s definitely not going to cost pocket change, but at the same time, it’s a one-time investment that is going to be far more rewarding than its worth.

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