How to Take Care of Combination Skin?

Combination skin is simply having oily skin in some areas of your face and dry skin in other areas. Typically, there’s a mix of oily and dry areas on different parts of your face, with the t-zone (forehead, nose, and  chin) being slightly too oily.

Here is some Combination Skin  FAQ
Q 1. What is Combination Skin?

Answer: Combination Skin is that type of skin which is oily at nose, forehead and chin and it has dry cheek cheeks, jaw area and hairline. The central part of the face is more oil producing. Combination skin has an advantage that it responds very well to the process of exfoliation by which one can get rid of dead skin cells and bacteria, by exfoliation, large pores can be minimized and acne can be controlled. When antioxidant serums and spot-treatment creams are used on such a skin, it also works very effectively. But it should be free from fragrances and harsh elements for skin. By the above steps, combination skin can be maintained.

Q 2. What are the Reasons Behind Combination Skin?

Answer: The most common cause of combination skin is genetic effects of the body. It is your genes that decide what kind of a skin you are going to have. Other than these genetic factors, there are a number of factors that contribute towards your skin type. Hormonal changes are also a major factor that adds to the skin becoming combination type. In hormonal changes, some areas of the skin produce more oil and some areas become dry. During menopause also, skin produces less oil and thus most areas of the skin become dry. There are some external reasons that also contribute to combination type skin. One of which is wearing excessive makeup which bursts the oil flow in the t-zone of the skin and makes other portions of the face dry. Rather than this there is an environmental effect that triggers the combination skin. During humid and hot days, T-zone becomes shiny and oily and other facial skin becomes dry. While in winters, the opposite happens.

Q 3: How Combination Skin can be Maintained and Managed? product

Answer:  If we take care of the following things and take the following measures, we can manage the combination skin well:

The products that close the pores of the skin should be avoided.  Chiefly makeup products block the skin pores and prevent the skin from breathing well. In such a case non-comedogenic skin care products and makeup products should be used. Such skin products are gentle on skin and do not block the skin pores.

One should avoid using skin care and make up products that use the excessive quantity of artificial fragrance. Combination skin is very sensitive to artificial and synthetic fragrances. In such a case, skin care products that contain natural and organic ingredients should be preferred over artificial products. Chemical based products may irritate and deteriorate the quality of skin.

Proper cleansing of the skin is very important for its health. Harsh cleansing products having alcohol and soaps etc. snatches away the essential oils from the skin and makes the skin all the more dry and lifeless. To cope up with it,  gentle skin care products should be used and soapy products should be avoided.

If you have a combination skin, you should use two kinds of moisturizer. For the dry part of the skin, a cream based moisturizer should be used. For the oily part of skin, a light gel-based moisturizer should be used.

Sunscreen should be used daily in both summers and winters.  Also regular exercise should be done in order to relax facial muscles.

Q.4: How Can One Know That Whether the Skin type is Combination or Not?

Answer: To find out the type of skin, you should carry out the following test. First of all, wash the face with a gentle cleanser, and pat dry for some time and then wait for ten to fifteen minutes. Do not apply any product on the skin. After fifteen minutes, if your forehead, nose and chin becomes oily and other portions of the skin become dry.  If you feel so, then you have a combination skin.

Q.5: How does the summer weather affect the Combination Skin?

Answer: This is a fact well known that the skin is affected by change in seasons.  In summer, skin becomes oily and in winter it gets dried out. Change the skin care products accordingly. In summer  use sunscreen and in winter, use a moisturizer.

Q.6: How Can The Combination Skin Be Taken Care Of?

Answer: The first and foremost skincare measure is to wash the face with a gentle face wash. The face wash should be soap free and alcohol free. Exfoliate of a good quality should be used on the skin twice a week so that the face washes and moisturizers work better.

Q.7: If One Has A Combinations Skin, Should One Consult a Dermatologist?

Answer: If someone is having a combination skin and it is difficult for him to maintain and manage it, then in such a case, you should visit a dermatologist. A dermatologist can prescribe the right cleansers, moisturizers,  exfoliates, toners and sunscreen. A dermatologist can also prescribe ointments, oral antibiotics, laser treatment.

Q.8: Will a Combination Skin always Lasts?

Answer: Combination Skin is more likely in young age. One should take care of the skin as the skin type changes according to the age. So one should change the way of caring for skin as the skin gets drier with change in age.

Q.9: What Kind of Make Up Should be Done on Combination Skin?

Answer: If the cheek area of your skin is dry, then a cream based blush in winter and a powder based blush in summer should be applied to the skin. The skin should be covered with a good quality moisturizer before applying  any makeup. You can use blotting paper for soaking the oil from the face. This will keep the makeup in place and you should avoid the use of powder for soaking up of oil as it may block the pores of the skin.

Q.10: What are the benefits of oil treatment in case of a Combination Skin?

Answer: The best face oils that can combine to become a best pack for a combination skin, are Jojoba oil, Grape seed oil, which makes the skin soft and matte.

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