The 35 Best DIY Favors… Ever

When you’re adults, it seems that the party season never ends. Whether it’s kids’ parties, adult birthdays, holiday events, weddings, or seasonal fetes, the list goes on and on. And I bet that you all like the party favors to look fabulous, so they can make an impression on your guests. Let’s admit it, favors are not just for kids, after all, because adults love them as well. Everyone will love seeing that there’s something for them on the table. Have you ever considered making your own DIY favors? This is such a nice way to bring some personal touch to your parties and make your guests feel special.

The ideas are really cool and unique, and I’m sure that you would be able to find a suitable favor idea for the next party that you are hosting. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and get inspired!

Hand-Drawn Favor Bags filled with a modern mix of goodies

last minute diy favors


DIY Confetti Throwers from Oh Happy Day

diy party favorssource

Gumball Necklace – via One Charming Party

Favors that are here to stay are the favorite favors to everyone. You will have them for a long time and will remind you of the great party you had. A necklace is a great favor idea for women, isn’t it?

party favors ideas


Bonbon Candy Favor Box from Eat Drink Chic

Are you having a kids’ party? They will be thrilled to give all those candies a try. You can never go wrong with this bonbon candy favor box, so don’t hesitate and get it when you are in a doubt.

candy favor box


Petite Pie Party Favors from HGTV

party favors


Painted Rocks via Giochi di Carta

Are you looking for a favor that it’s cheap, easy to make, and super cool? These painted rocks are one of my favorite DIY favors ever. You can collect rocks from outside and just buy paint. Printing tags is also a nice finishing touch to this interesting favors. People can later use them in their home or office decor, so whenever they look at them, they will think about the lovely party they have had.

cheap party favors


DIY Pinwheel Party Favors by the brilliantly creative Estefi Machado

Pinwheel Party Favors


Chocolate Letter Favors

The chocolate letter favors are a pretty amazing idea too. They are personalized, so you will have to do some careful planning and a list of all the guests that are going to attend a party. You can’t use the favor for other guests, so make sure you aren’t making any mistakes.

toddler party favors


Homemade Bubbles & Blowers

easy diy favors


DIY Paper Pinwheels

paper pinwheels


A pretty little jar of homemade jam

A homemade jam is not a bad idea for a party favor either? But before deciding on this favor, please make sure that you are ready and in the mood to spend a day or two preparing the jam.

edible party favors


Candy-Filled Cherry Bombs

edible DIY favors


DIY Geometric Favor Boxes

DIY favor boxes


DIY Animal Favor Boxes

animal favor boxes


Polkadot Favor Bags

DIY favor bags


Mini Holiday Bonbons

cheap diy favors


Miniature Cookie Jars

cookie jar


Mini Paper Bags, three ways

There are some pretty cheap ways to personalize your favors. Getting simple paper bags and adding some decoration on them will make each bag look super interesting and unique.

DIY favor paper bags


Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Favors with a recipe

cookie favors


Personalized Party Crowns

diy favors for guests


DIY Trophies

DIY trophies


Printable Party Crackers

printable party crackers


Mini Zen Garden

The mini zen garden is another one of my favorite DIY favors. I’m sure that all guests are going to love it too. How do you like it?

mini garden favor


DIY Canvas Magnets

DIY canvas magnets


Monogrammed Leather Keychains

party favor ideas for adults


Style Me Pretty

wedding favor ideas pinterest


Candy Favors in glass jars

homemade edible party favors


DIY Drum Box filled with critters

diy party favors for toddlers


Neon-Dipped Mini Succulent Pots

plant favors


Minimega Design

cheap wedding favors


Pool Party Towel

pool party favors


Monster Playdoh

playdough favors


I Spy Bottle

kids DIY favors


Printable Calligraphy Bag Tags

printable bag tags


DIY Princess Wand

kids party favors


It doesn’t matter what favor you are going to choose until your guests are feeling welcomed, loved, and cherished. Favors are a nice way to show their appreciation for them, so get down to work and show them some love!

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