The latest trends in Quilting

Quilting is an activity that has been around for many years. It is a great way to get practical and use your hands to come up with something creative and that can be used for many years. Quilts are also quite warm and snug and are great for chilling on the couch or in bed after a long day, ready to watch some TV. Quilts are probably the most versatile garments out there, as you can incorporate all sorts of patterns, colors, and designs into the quilt. It is thus always interesting to check out some of the latest trends and use them in your quilt making. For instance, you can check out where you can get information on all things quilting. This includes helpful tips, quilt designs, textures, and so much more. Below we have also listed some of the trends that you can use in quilting.

1.Add text

In the digital age, texting can be comfortably said to be a part of all our lives now. As such, it is no surprise that it is being used in all forms of art as well. A lot of people decorate their walls by including some form of message that has meaning to them. This could be a motivational quote a bible verse, or even an inspirational statement from a movie or a book. This is a fun trend to use in quilting, as it helps you create something that has a bit more meaning to you. Alternatively, it can also be a way to be cheeky and add some funny quotes in your house to make it more lively.


2.Vibrant colors

Colors add a lot of energy and vibrancy to a place. This is especially true in rooms and houses, and even while making a fashion statement either by your fashion or makeup. The easiest way to stand out and look creative is always to incorporate a lot of bold colors. It is no surprise, therefore, that this has become a trend in quilting. The best part about colors is that they can be used to represent any form of mood that you are experiencing and can convey a message. You can thus play around with the colors on your quilt and opt to go for a bold and bright cover which can add some character to your bedroom. Alternatively, if you like something a little bit more calming and soothing, soft pastels and blush hues are the way to go.



This is a trend that has been going on for a few months now, sweeping across the entire creative space. Fashion designers, interior house designers, and artists have all embraced this trend in their work and have had some stunning results. It mostly focuses on and maximizes on the ‘’less is more’’ concept. For your quilt, you can incorporate this trend as well. You do not have to fill it up with all sorts of patterns and colors, and while this is okay, sometimes going for a less complicated and busy pattern can create a profound look. Some trends you can try include using, for instance, simply two colors on the quilt to create a monochromatic look.


4.Curves and shapes

Incorporating shapes provides you with endless opportunities to get creative with your quilt. There are so many shapes that you can add, and the best part is that you can add color to all these shapes and create some beautiful patterns, your quilt will end up as a masterpiece, a work of art. Moreover, you can use different textures on those shapes which will help you come up with a modern, fantastic look.


5.Personalized quilts

While this can be a bit controversial, statement quilts are one of the best ways that you can use to pass a message across. This can be in support of some amazing causes such as fighting global warming, cruelty to animals and even human trafficking. It does not have to be so direct either since you can create a quilt that describes any statement that you wish, be it something personal that you are going through or a cause that you are passionate about. You can use the quilt to describe your journey and the healing process, making it both a form of art and a therapeutic process.


6.Subject themes

Maybe you are a scientist, or a doctor, or even an astronaut. All these are different professions that you can use as inspiration to incorporate into your quilt. Doing so will make it personalized since you will be adding a part of your life that you are passionate about in the quilt work.

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