33 Breathtaking New Year Nails Design

This is the time when everyone is preparing for the New Year’s eve. We believe that you have already opt for your outfit and your hairstyle. It remains to consider, this no less important part of our festive look – New Year nails art design. Today, a beautiful manicure is not a luxury, but the norm, if a woman take care for her appearance and wants to always be on top. Even the simplest nail design, can look amazing if it is harmoniously combined with lifestyle, clothing style, dress code and with your personal vision of fashion and beauty.

Sometimes a manicure should be modest, and sometimes there is an opportunity to afford to do something chic and unusual. New Year’s manicure is exactly the type of nail design, when you can afford to forget about rules, norms and stereotypes. That way you will enjoy the luxury of a wide range of manicure options. Many girls prefer to choose a fashionable New Year’s manicure, which on New Year’s Eve will be not only a beautiful lady, but a real fashion trifle.

New Year Nails Design Ideas

Even if you have prepared a simple dress, a manicure can give a touch of glamor to your festive mood! For those ladies who do not want to draw deer and snowflakes on their nails, we suggest sprinkling your nails with sequins and glitter. Use zircons, glitter decorations, pearl nail polishes or glitter on your nails, or a manicure with winter motifs. However, when it comes to New Year nails deisgn, the classic option stays in green and red, with or without white accents. And if this vivid combination seems a bit trivial to you, you just have to let your imagination run wild and experiment.

Apply, for example, glittery red nail polish or use several shades of green at the same time. Just admire the suggestions below! Are they tempting you? White ribbons on a red nail base decorated as gifts will help you fully feel the magic of the holiday season! Still, New Year’s manicure for women with short nails has a large number of variations. For example, New Year’s nail design with a French manicure, New Year’s manicure in a single color varnish, holiday manicure with rhinestones, etc…

Likewise, owners of long and medium nails are incredibly lucky, because they can choose almost any New Year’s manicure. If we talk about the shape, of course, these are almond-shaped and oval-shaped nails, which are at the peak of popularity this season. If you want to make a not very provocative New Year’s manicure, but at the same time focus on its originality, choose a simple nail design, with a New Year’s pattern. It is time to think about making your nails for your special New Years Eve. You need ideas and inspirations ? See this 33 ideas bellow and enjoy!

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10 years ago

No offence…..but these are not really new years nails. Sorry for the bring down, but they are SUPER cute nails for other occasions

Reply to  Guest
10 years ago

We appreciate your opinion but in our opinion we think that it can be used for a new years eve too , but whatever when someone like it ! Greetings and thank you vor visiting our site !

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