What To Look For In A Great Juicer

Juices have been a household staple for many years now. Whether for children or for adults, almost every fridge or pantry always has a supply of juice available. In the past, though, the focus was mostly in buying ready-made juice. Today, it is quite different. More and more households have stopped buying store-ready juices in place of blending and creating their own.

If you wish to follow suit, a primary piece of equipment you will need is a great juicer. To aid you in shopping, here’s what you need to look for in an excellent juicer:

  1. A Reasonable Price

As excited as you might be to start shopping for your juicer, there is one thing you should always keep in mind: the price of a good quality juicer can be quite expensive because you’re buying a new kitchen appliance. As with all other kitchen equipment, the best ones often come with a price.

But here’s the thing with juicing: if you are trying to juice fresh fruits, there can only be very little juice that can get squeezed out of each one. Hence, you will need to buy more and more fruits to have more juice that can be enough for the serving you want, especially when you’re planning to juice multiple times a week. Buying a good quality juicer despite its upfront cost will actually translate to more savings since you don’t have to keep on buying fruits.

Before you purchase one, it is essential to research first on the various options that are available, and which brand offers the best value for money, such as a Goodnature juicer.

  1. The Processing Ability

When choosing among juicers, you also have to factor in how they handle vegetables. Fruits aren’t much of a problem because even regular blenders can do the job. Fruits are very soft and juicy, and can quickly be processed into a tasty drink. With vegetables, however, the job of a juicer becomes a bit trickier as you have to select a machine that can handle greens without needing to pre-cut them. This is very important if you want to preserve the nutrients within your vegetables. The more that you cut vegetables, the more nutrients you lose, and this defeats the purpose of having a nutrient-filled drink readily available from home.

As you shop, ask the salesperson for the juicer’s revolutions per minute. The optimal number should be between 10,000 to 15,000. Anything below that means you’re losing and wasting juice quality and quantity. With a better processing ability, you can also do more with your juicer, such as creating sorbets for ice cream and baby food.

  1. Easy To Clean

Not all juicers are created equal. One of the most common complaints people have about juicers is that the machine can be tough and tricky to clean. But recent upgrades have made this easier, such as juicers that have a self-cleaning ability. All you need to do is pour in water and dish soap, press a button, and watch as it cleans itself up. The only effort required on your part is wiping it dry. To keep yourself inspired and happy to carry on juicing at home, look for one that has superb cleaning features.

  1. More Speed Options

Not all fruits and vegetables are alike. Others have thicker consistencies than some when turned into juice. You also have your preferences when it comes to how diluted or how thick you’d like your juice to be. For example, fruits and berries can turn out well at low speeds, but green leafy and hard vegetables need to be juiced using higher speeds. It can save you so much time if your juicer has numerous speed options you can choose from.

When you need to adjust the speed, your juicer should be able to meet this demand. For example:

  • Fast juice setting, which is needed to break down fruits and vegetables in large quantities. This also allows for better elimination of the pulp, should you prefer not having it in your juice.
  • Slow juice setting, or cold press setting, which enables more pulp to be present in your juice. This setting also works best with green leafy vegetables.


While you can still get a hold of quality commercially-sold fresh juice, nothing beats those that are homemade. Plus, it is highly convenient to also have the opportunity to create your own juice whenever you want to, especially if you live far away from a shop that sells 100% real fruit and vegetable juice blends. With this, having a good quality juicer at home can be to your advantage. Bring this guide of considerations with you, so that you will know what to look for in a great juicer.

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