13 Magnificent Easter Manicure Ideas

In anticipation of the great Christian holiday of Easter, you are certainly preparing various decorations that you will enjoy in the days to come. In addition to decorating Easter eggs and table decorations, why not decorate your nails in accordance with the Easter theme?  Are you looking for some nail art inspiration for the forthcoming holiday? Easter is about to come and its important and well-known religious day. We prepare a lot of things at home for this great festival, we decorate our interior, and exterior, and we colored eggs… so you should not forget or ignore your manicure. Easter manicure is always a great idea!

Unusual Easter Manicure Designs

Get inspired from all of the magic and things that symbolize Easter.  You can try out different Easter nails including some of the Easter subjects such as eggs, bunnies, chickens, and so on. Easter is awesome for experimenting with colors, use your imagination and create art on your nails reflecting some Easter detail.  If you are like  many girls and women who pay special attention to the appearance of your nails, be bold and be amazed with the look of your nails. Inevitable detail that gives extra elegance to your beauty. Choose a different and unusual manicure for your nails and enjoy the beautiful appearance and positive comments.

Inspirational Ideas For Easter Manicure

It would be a fun experience, and your nails would look too cute and colorful. After all, this is one of the trends that girls around the world have not resisted. They shared their creative ideas on the social network Instagram and so inspired us to share with you a few examples that you could use in the coming days and have fun. When it comes to the colors of the Easter manicure, it is certain that the colorful, cheerful ones prevail, but also a lot of pastel colors that look irresistible on the nails. Depending on how much you want to play, so choose colors and patterns. You can simply paint each nail in a different color and make the nails look like a basket full of colorful eggs or draw the nails with different Easter motifs.

The Easter bunny is always a great choice and all the decorations with this motif look lovely and sweet. You will not go wrong with whatever shape of bunny you choose. You can draw only ears in vivid colors or the whole rabbit’s head and additionally decorate with patterns or motifs of Easter eggs. If you don’t like overly vivid colors on your nails, you can opt for two colors, yellow and white, or just yellow. If you are not a big fan of too many drawn and decorated nails, and still want to celebrate Easter with adequately arranged nails, then the best choice for you is a simple decoration in the form of colorful and pastel nails, with tiny black dots.

Cause of this occasion, take look at a few ideas for Easter manicurists that we offer for you for this holiday and that are easy and interesting and will beautifully fit in the festive atmosphere.


1. Spring Abstract Manicure

nail 1source

2. Easter Bunny Nails



3. Robin’s egg speckled nails

nail 3source

4. Easter Egg manicure

nail 4


5. Easter Chevrons Nails Art

nail 5source

6. Pinky Easter bunny manicure

nail 7source

7. Easter Bunny Ears manicure

nail 8source

8. Tutorial Easter nail art

nail 9source

9. Easter Mini Eggs Nails

nail 10source

10.Cute Easter nails

nail 11source

11. Ombre Easter nails

nail 12source

12. Happy Easter Manicure Nails

nail 13source

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