18 Creative Blue Nail Art Designs

Making a Cute nails is a obsession for some women. We always want to give cute ideas of making a cute nails. In this post you can see some examples of blue colored nails that maybe will be perfect with your new summer outfit. Check below all pictures choose your favourite and enjoy!

ts 1Photo via nailarting.com

ts 2Photo via nailarting.com

ts 3Photo via polishalcoholic.com

ts 4Photo via lacquerstyle.com

ts 5Photo via alllacqueredup.com

ts 6Photo via alllacqueredup.com

ts 7Photo via  mydaintynails.blogspot.com

ts 8Photo via manicurator.com

ts 9Photo via  paulinaspassions.com

ts 10Photo via brijitsdigits.net

ts 11Photo via style360fashion.com

ts 12Photo via beautybenefitsoflove.tumblr.com

ts 13Photo via  sonailicious.com

ts 14Photo via letthemhavepolish.com

ts 15Photo via letthemhavepolish.com

ts 16Photo via geniabeme.com

ts 17Photo via girlythingsbye.com

ts 18Photo via nikatnails.wordpress.com

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