18 Attractive & Alluring Blue Nail Ideas

Did you know that the world is full of symbols and hidden meanings? They are all around us if we look well enough and believe in it. In the sea of ​​these symbols, the ladies are most interested in those who are related to beauty and care in general. Accordingly, we decided this time to write about the blue color of nail polishes and what it says about the character of the fairer sex. For a start, look at your nails, what color are they painted with? We reveal the truth and the real face of all ladies who take care of their manicures. For today we present you some blue nail ideas, and the meaning of the blue color.

No matter how tidy we are for a certain occasion, the final touch is achieved only when we apply nail polish. It is very important that our hands are cared and our nails are tidy. That says a lot about how much we take care of ourselves. However, the color of nail polish you choose, can reveal much more about you than you think. Many women choose the color of the nail polish according to trends, but as there are always more colors in the trend, everyone chooses the ones that suit them best. In addition, there are nail polish colors that we wear regardless of whether they are in trend or not.

Blue Nail Art Design Ideas

The blue color is reminiscent of the sea, the sky, blue, and has a calming effect. Blue nail polishes go well with different colors of clothes, and can easily fit into the look. This color is associated with creative souls and art. You are a dreamer who believes in the good. Also you are always ready to look at complicated situations from another, more beautiful angle.

You are honest and open, a true adventurer who adores being in company. This is a nail polish that cannot go unnoticed, especially if you opt for ultra-strong blue. You are a person who wants to be unique, different, and of course, conspicuous. This color is not for the shy. Blue characterizes calm people. This is especially true of light and pastel blue colors. The dark blue color of the nail polish goes well with a lighter complexion, while pastel shades of blue and those with a gray undertone, go well with a darker and tanned complexion.

Check out below all blue nail ideas and choose your favourite! Feel free to copy some of the ideas below!

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